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For the professionalization of dance, discipline and sacrifices are essential, since professional dance schools are usually structured under a rigid series of requirements and rules that only those who truly seek to dedicate their lives to dance will be able to fulfill.

The most prestigious dance schools in the world are known not only for the quality of their students, faculty and graduates, but also for their strictness and for the difficulty of obtaining a place in them.

Here we are dedicated to registering and registering the largest number of dance academies and dance schools around the world. The creation of an international network of dance centers with the aim of being able to interact in digital formats is our goal.

Soon provoke exchanges, scholarships, competitions, permanent interaction … we are a great digital project # InteractiveDirectoriesDigital.

Here we make known in each registered Academy, who make them, where they are, how to establish direct contact with them. This digital format allows us these connectivity mechanisms …

http: //AcademiasdeDanza.WordPress.com

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